Barangay Talaga, Capas Tarlac

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History of Barangay Talaga

Barangay Talaga got its name from a folklore aside from the literal translation of the Kapampangan word Talaga which means “a well” (deep well).

According to the story, many Japanese soldiers came to live in the barangay during their occupation. One thing that these soldiers noticed in the barangay is that it had a lots of wells. Then one day, an accident occurred when a Japanese soldier who was getting water fell-off the well then an old man saw the incident and yelled “Ing hapon me talaga ya! Menakbag ya at ene linto!” (The Japanese fell into the well and got devoured). Since then they called the place “Talaga”.

And from 1960s, the craft of tinapa-making has been the bread and butter of Capaseños for a long period of time, making it not only a livelihood but their sense of pride; tinapa, made with love as they say. It had been a party of their culture identity and success stories. This industry apart from agriculture, antique shops business, garments and manufacturing, have played vital role in success of many generations.

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Peace and Order

Monitor and coordinate the implementation of peace and order programs and projects at the barangay level.

Econimic Growth

It is an official document of the baranagay that specifies policy options, programs, projects and activities that are intended to contribute to the over-all achievement of the barangay's development goals and objectives.


The purpose of this program is to give the citizens of each barangay the opportunity to start a small-scale business for their livelihood.


The barangay is the arm of the government that can implement measures to protect the environment and implement the government efforts in conserving it.


This program reduces financial hardship for these families preparing to send members to school. In addition to monetary aid, the students are nurtured with academic support during school, as well as access to professional development opportunities through job fairs and coaching programs.

Health Care

Barangay health centers in the Philippines provide various services to the community. These services include the management of health information, inventory management, tracking of Covid cases, administration of health activities, and data visualization.

Best Practice

Barangay officials can follow several best practices in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. These include preserving relationships with the community, ensuring faster resolution of problems, reaping economic benefits, and reaching practical agreements .

Technological Advancement

This service provides training and programs to help our contituents to improve their technological/computing knowledge to help them cope with the ever advancing environment.

Barangay-Based Institutions

Barangay-Based Institutions are committees, councils, and boards that formulate and design Barangay programs, projects and activities to address community needs in support of national government policies.

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